Thursday, 2 February 2012

How I Sow My Leeks

This afternoon I decided to sow the first of my Leeks, this year I'm trying two different types the first of is Lincoln F1I used to sow mine in a seed tray until I saw a video on youtube (The allotmentdiary channel) where Dan showed how he sowed his leek seeds in polystyrene boxes.  A light came on and I thought I've got some of them in the garage from when I used to keep tropical fish. From then on I've done my leeks like this with great success.

First I need a polystyrene box.

Then I put drainage holes in the bottom.

I covered the holes with some broken tiles and pots I had laying around and filled with MPC.

I packet of seed I used only had around 50 seeds in so I only use a small polystyrene box I have some that are more than twice this size.

I then watered the seeds and put the lid on the box then popped them in the blow-a-way under some fleece. I keep the lid on till the seeds have germinated and I can see green wispy shoots.

Here is a couple of photo of my leeks growing on the allotment from previous years.


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