Tuesday, 31 January 2012

First sowing's of the year

Yesterday I sowed my first peppers and tomatoes of the year, unlike last year  when I only really only grew one kind of tomato (Jaune Flammeand one kind of pepper (Jimmy Nardello), so this year I'm going to try and grow more of a variety. So I started off by sowing Roma tomatoes (thank you VVG for the seed) a bush type of tomato that I will be trying to grow outside on my full plot, I also started of the following sweet peppers, Sweet Banana, Corno di torro rosso, Purple Beauty & Orange Baby, I've only grown Orange Baby before the rest are new to me and for the record this is only the second year that I've had a greenhouse. It was kindly given to my by a neighbour before they moved and was headed for the tip before I rescued it and rebuilt it on my small half plot (see photo below).
Greenhouse at the end of 2011 (plot 37)
I also sowed two types of hot Chilli Peppers Jalapeno (I grew last year) and one called Red Cherry . I also sowed the 4 Aubergine seeds that I was sent from the Grapevine seed saving circle.

Small seed trays from B&Q
Two rows in small seed tray
In Heated Propagator to get head start