Monday, 29 October 2012

Plot Swap

As the title of this post says I'm swapping my small plot for a plot almost three times the size (18ft x 60ft half plot). I've been waiting to swap for about 18 months so I'm chuffed I got the nod last month. I've took lots of photo's as usual so here's a few to show what I've been up to :o)

 So as you can see it was in a bit of a mess to say the least. 

 All the fruit bushes are coming out. If I want fruit bushes I'll get my own then I'll know what they are.

 Wheelbarrow, compost bin and 3 water butts came with the plot. 

The lady who left sold me the leaky shed, It'll not take much to sort it out I thought.

 From the shed looking down the plot to the road and water bosh.

 Cherry tree to come out too.

 A few days on and we've cut back all the mint and lemon balm that filled the front of the plot.

Got the strimmer on the rest and dug over one of the beds.

 What a difference a week makes. The pear tree is going in the allotment orchard.

We cut the fruit bushes down and made 2 trips to the tip with the trailer.

 Can't believe how many slabs there are. 

At this point I'd got 3/4 of the plot weeded and dug over. I've been getting a lot of nice comments from other plot holders :o) 

Looking better by the day.

 Lifted two different  rhubarbs. Still a little to do up near the shed. 

Levelling the ground ready for the greenhouse base. 

Base was readied for the block walls which the greenhouse will sit on for more height.

Couple of days later and the block wall built and tarped up to keep the frost off.

Getting ready for next weeks big bonfire.

One greenhouse :o) I'm really pleased how its turned out. I gave the blocks a coat of weather-proof paint.

So now the greenhouse is finished. I can get on with clearing my old plot before the weather gets too bad...

Cuppa tea first in the nice dry shed he said..

Thanks for looking in :o)