Monday, 18 June 2012

18/06/12 Update Half Plot

Well its been nothing but rain here for the last week or so, and as we have a short break from the rain for a few days, I thought I'd get down the half plot and get some weeding done. The plot was really damp but workable, so I planted some more brassicas and two butternut squashes. I got most of the weeding done, I've just the onions and garlic to do later. There's a couple of pic's of the plot and greenhouse. 

Went back down the lottie this afternoon and finished the weeding off. I also put the second sowing of leeks in, I don't think they were ready to plant but they'd all started to fall over, so thought it was best to get them in the ground. I didn't want to lose them. As I emptied them out of the polystyrene box, I found that ants had made a nest in the compost, so that's why the leeks weren't happy. I've also strimmed round the edge of the plot.

I'm hoping to get up to the full plot tomorrow and weed the beds there. I've also got some brassicas to go in up there too.

Till next time thanks for reading!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Greenhouse number two planted up.

Following on from the last tomato update here's a look around my full plot and in the new greenhouse now its full of chilli/sweet peppers and a couple of aubergine and cucumbers.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Tomato update

Went to the allotment this morning to get the tomatoes into their final positions and tied to their canes. Took a couple of pics and shot a little film when I'd finished.

I have a few spares in the blue punnet's and it has been suggested by VVG and Zazen999 from the grapevine that I could get another row down the middle.  I think if I could still get in to water and harvest, I'll do it. I'm not a small chap though so we'll see eh.

Time to plant those tender veggies.

I've not done an update for a little while as I've been busy planting and weeding on my plots. The heat wave we had at the back end of May sent the allotment into overdrive and I'm just starting to catch up now. Here are a few photos of the full plot and what veggies have gone in.

French Beans went in around the 30th of May 

In this bed three Squash's (seed from the Grapevines Virtual Seed Parcel) and a row of Hurst Green Shaft Peas.

Courgettes and Peas in this bed. I only managed to get one Yellow courgette to germinate out of 4 seeds, the rest are Green and Black. The peas are Hurst Green Shaft Peas.

Rhubarb still coming. We've had a few crumbles and given some a way. 

Garlic and Onion bed. Red onions trying to bolt but the rest doing OK.

The sweetcorn germination was pants this year. I like to grow around 100 plants of corn but this year its going to be around 30. This is the first little block I put in. There will be a couple of other blocks around the plot but the plants are hardening off just now.

A view from bottom of the plot.

Our sons strawberry bed.

I split my comfrey into 4 plants.

This is how I grow my Brassicas. Over the last year or so we've started to get a lot of pigeons coming onto the allotments. Netting young brassica is a must.

Here are a couple of rows of early onwards dwarf peas & a couple of rows of main crop potatoes.

Still some plants in the greenhouse. All but what I'm growing in there (peppers, chillies, aubergine and cucumbers) will be moved into my mate Dave's coldframes shortly.

The view from the top of of the pallet box I keep my FYM in.

The view as I walk on to the plot.

A photo from the main path looking down the plot.

I hope you've enjoyed reading & seeing what I've been up to over the past couple of weeks.

All the best Chris.