Monday, 18 June 2012

18/06/12 Update Half Plot

Well its been nothing but rain here for the last week or so, and as we have a short break from the rain for a few days, I thought I'd get down the half plot and get some weeding done. The plot was really damp but workable, so I planted some more brassicas and two butternut squashes. I got most of the weeding done, I've just the onions and garlic to do later. There's a couple of pic's of the plot and greenhouse. 

Went back down the lottie this afternoon and finished the weeding off. I also put the second sowing of leeks in, I don't think they were ready to plant but they'd all started to fall over, so thought it was best to get them in the ground. I didn't want to lose them. As I emptied them out of the polystyrene box, I found that ants had made a nest in the compost, so that's why the leeks weren't happy. I've also strimmed round the edge of the plot.

I'm hoping to get up to the full plot tomorrow and weed the beds there. I've also got some brassicas to go in up there too.

Till next time thanks for reading!

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