Friday, 6 July 2012

Bad weather is not a problem just a challenge!

Well,  everywhere I turn people are complaining about the weather and how it's not making growing veg on the allotment easy (me included). I thought I'd post some photo's of my mate Dave's plots. Dave is my gardening guru, if I need to know something and I'm on my plot then he's my go to guy. He's there most mornings, and I like to have a chat with him about the allotments and life in general. 

Where the string is there were two rows of calabrese until last week, now they're in his freezer and we had one for Sunday dinner. Tasty!

In this photo you can see where he's started to harvest his 1st earlies (potatoes patch)

Leeks, swedes for transplanting to the space vacated by the calabrese, carrots and peas. The peas are the only things he's not happy with.

Here's Dave's polytunnel, it's just had a new skin on it and is a great growing space (tunnel envy) more peas too. 

Here you can see onion's beetroot, dwarf french beans and strawberries. 

Dave's plots are not the prettiest on the allotments, he doesn't go in for raised beds  even though he's getting on in years. He works very hard and always has the best veg on the site by far.  It really shows that he used to grow for exhibitions.

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