Saturday, 19 May 2012

First Harvest of the Year

Its been 84 days since we planted the 3 bags of early Swift potatoes in the greenhouse.  I paid £1 for 8 seed potatoes so nothing to lose really as I used last years compost. This morning I watched Dan from the allotment  harvest his early potatoes which were in the polytunnel for about 70 days I think. So when I went to the allotment to lock the greenhouse up this afternoon I decided to empty one of the bags (one with my name on it). I'd put 3 seed potatoes in the bag but only two had grown the other had rotted off in the bottom of the bag. 

Here's a photo of the potatoes.
Pound and a half of new organic potatoes
I've added a few photos from the new greenhouse on the full plot.

Not in the greenhouse but here's the garlic and onions 

French climbing beans

View from the door

Right hand side are radish, left of middle are lettuce.  

Some Chinese cabbage to the right more caulis  and some marigolds. 

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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Growing Journal Update 14 of May 2012

The last month has been a little frustrating for me on the seed germination front. I never seem to have much luck with sweetcorn, once its germinated its fine. This season I thought I'd try soaking the corn overnight before sowing in in a heated propagator. In total I sowed around 50 sweetcorn and only 27 have germinated. I'm having the same problem with germinating my Dwarf French Beans :0(   Oh well, I'll stick some more in and try again.

Took a few photos at the allotments today..

Tomatoes ready to go in their big pots.

The experimental bags of swift potatoes about a week away now.

Brassicas under the hooped nets.

Peas under the back net.

Peas are up bottom left.

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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Wet and Windy

Hi folks, Its been a wet and windy month here so I've not been able to get everything done on the lottie that I had planed. I have my pea's in and some of my brassicas so its not been a total wash out.

The rain has helped the rhubarb.

The rains not been as helpful with the potatoes.

I put the bamboo canes up for the French climbing beans today. 

I hope that May is warmer month for us all but a little dryer up here in north Derbyshire would be nice too.