Saturday, 19 May 2012

First Harvest of the Year

Its been 84 days since we planted the 3 bags of early Swift potatoes in the greenhouse.  I paid £1 for 8 seed potatoes so nothing to lose really as I used last years compost. This morning I watched Dan from the allotment  harvest his early potatoes which were in the polytunnel for about 70 days I think. So when I went to the allotment to lock the greenhouse up this afternoon I decided to empty one of the bags (one with my name on it). I'd put 3 seed potatoes in the bag but only two had grown the other had rotted off in the bottom of the bag. 

Here's a photo of the potatoes.
Pound and a half of new organic potatoes
I've added a few photos from the new greenhouse on the full plot.

Not in the greenhouse but here's the garlic and onions 

French climbing beans

View from the door

Right hand side are radish, left of middle are lettuce.  

Some Chinese cabbage to the right more caulis  and some marigolds. 

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  1. Just reading your journal and noticed your problems with french bean germination. I had a search on the vine and couldn't find anywhere suitable to leave a response. Have you tried the following:

    Put a thoroughly moist pad of kitchen roll in the bottom of a jam jar.
    Add 6-10 bean seeds (depending on the size of the jar).
    Screw the lid firmly closed and leave in a warm place.

    It takes 2-4 days for roots to show, pot on when the root is ~1cm long (just be very careful not to damage the root or you're stuffed). 4-10 days later you have bean plants...I've managed an average of 95% germination over 5 years with this method.

    Andromeda (from the vine)

  2. Hi Andromeda thanks for your comment :o) I haven't tried germinating beans in a glass jar so I'll give that a go with the next lot of beans I a week or so.