Saturday, 2 February 2013

February Allotment Update

Well it's been a couple of weeks since my last update so I thought I'd post what I've been doing gardening wise since then. 

I've still been going to the allotments even when its been snowing (hardcore). I like to see where the fox has been, clear the snow off the greenhouse and just take a walk round while it's quiet. Anyway, I took some video footage of the plot covered in snow...

I've finally lost patience with the old suitcase type of gas burner I had in the shed. The gas pressure dropped too much after only a couple of uses of the cartridge so I dug my other camping stove out and I'm now using that on the lottie for teas and coffees and sometimes cooking my dinner on busy days down there.

Every year I say I going to grow some elephant garlic and for one reason or another I haven't gotten round to it. But this year I have managed to get some elephant garlic cloves. I ordered them from wilkos online and had them delivered at our local shop so there wasn't any P&P.

So yesterday, I potted the six elephant garlic cloves up in the greenhouse, as well as some sturon onion sets I got from a pound shop and also some silver moon onion sets, I'd pick up in town the same day. I've covered them all with garden fleece along with leeks I set going a few weeks ago.

The onions I started from seed at the same time as the leeks, are coming along nice and steady. I've took them off the heat now as I want to get cracking with some more seed sowing and I need the propagator space.  

Last Saturday was potato day. So even though there was over a foot of snow on the ground I walked into our local town to pick my seed potato order up (Charlotte  Kestrel and Saxon.) Saxon is a new one for me this year so we'll see how we go with them. I usually do alright with the others unless we get flooded out like last spring. The onion sets in the small bags are Jet Set (new for me) and good old Sturon.

My seeds from have finally arrived. I ordered them the same day as my other seeds but they took weeks and weeks and weeks to come. I emailed them and got a snotty email back but two days later the seeds arrived. Needless to say that's the last seed order they get from me.  

We were in B&Q the other day to get some compost for home and we spotted the Pest & Weed Expert on offer for £3:49. Its a book and I've been wanting it for a while, so couldn't miss it at that price. But the funny thing was I'd just took a photo of the book and was tweeting that I'd found this bargain, when I received a tweet from   saying I'd won a copy of  Dr Hessayon's Vegetable & Herb Expert, and it will be on its way to me shortly. I sent them my addy so hopefully I should be getting that great book soon. 

Thanks as always for looking in :)


  1. Normally I find deliver within a day or two and are very reliable.

    1. I suppose it's like Russian Roulette with the small seed suppliers. I will just use my trusted suppliers from now.

      Happy Gardening. CS

    2. Yes - had a potato day myself. I went for Wilja this year. Got nothing or very little from King Edwards and Maris Bard last year. It was wet, but am on a slope.

      All the best for this year! Ben