Sunday, 17 March 2013

March New Plot Update

As I sat down to type, it's starting to snow again! We had a light dusting overnight and according to my nice new thermometer (which my lovely wife bought me) it got down to - 3.9 degrees C overnight in the allotment greenhouse. I've got seedling in the greenhouse now as I was running out of space on the windowsills.  So I've put up a blow-a-way inside the GH, same as I did last year (see below - last year). I've moved my onion and shallot seedlings down there, along with the cabbage and calabrese seedlings.

On the greenhouse bench, I've got my onion sets as well as the elephant garlic I started off indoors. This year I'm trying the old candle in a plant pot trick to stop the temp from getting too low. It worked well the first night, as it fell to below 0 degrees C Saturday night, but the temp in the greenhouse only went down to 1.6 degrees C. Last night though, it was windy too. And the greenhouse door was ajar about a inch and the temp got down to -3.9c, so I've got to do something about that this afternoon. More than likely before I post this so, this could be a late edit.


The farmer who I get my manure from, has finally been able to get onto the field where the rotted manure was kept, so I've had a load delivered.

It came on a 3 ton trailer so there must be almost 3 ton. I'm told its around 48 wheelbarrows full. I've covered the plot with half of it and the rest has filled my pallet compost bin. (which you'll see it the photos and videos).

 It took me almost the full day to move. 

Just need some dry weather now so I can get on with the rotavator. Then I can get on with path laying to mark my beds out.

This mornings snowfall has set me back a little though. But I'm sure I'll catch up.


Finally got a screen door made up for the greenhouse. Only been going to make one for two years. One of the committee chaps must have got fed up with hearing me go on about making one because he made me the frame.

And another chap gave me the fly screen material to cover the frame. I'm pleased how its turned out. I can now leave the door open in the summer with out cats and other animals getting in.  

A view of the allotment from the highest point.

Quick look round the new plot now the snow's gone 23-02-13


Didn't get round to posting this what I meant to but I did nip back to the plot and fix the greenhouse door by moving the lock over a little. (see pic)

Cold night last night, got down to -3.5c in the greenhouse even with the candle going. Its a good job got everything's covered in fleece in the greenhouse.

Nice this morning though (12/03/12) Lots of sunshine.

Thanks for reading.

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