Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Has spring sprung? Err No.

So the clocks have gone forward and we're now on British Summertime. Can someone tell the weather that because I've tried and it ain't listening to me. Although, the people in the know say we're stuck with this cold weather for another fortnight.  I'm taking their forecast with a pinch of salt cos to me it's just a good guess. 

Anyway, here's a bit of what I've been doing on my allotments. 

Greenhouse #2 uncovered and dug over ready for the season ahead.

I then re-covered and put all my stuff back in there until I'm ready.

The two rows of garlic that I planted last October are looking ok. 

The three rows of Japanese onions which I planted at the same time
 as the garlic are not doing as well though.

The beds are looking tired now on this plot, but seeing as I'm leaving at the end of the season I'll just patch them up as I go. I've given the bottom half of the plot up so I'm expecting to see someone working it soon. 

The next day we woke to this.

The snow is not helping as I need to get some paths down asap.


Did a couple of videos in the snow, hope you like them.

 The link above opens a video in another window as I couldn't get it on this page, like the others.  
In the video there's a look at what's growing in the greenhouse. 


Hopefully by the end of this month at least I'll have my potatoes and onions in the ground.

Thanks for looking in :o)


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    1. We're all in the same boat then... Weather man was saying its going to get warmer but wetter.... That no help...