Sunday, 12 February 2012

Half Plot Shed Spring Clean

Went to my half plot this morning at around 11, wanted to see the committee member who looks after the allotment shop. They've been selling off Groworganic fertiliser at under half price.  I've had 2 bags for myself and fetched another bag for my wife's work colleague.  To my surprise the chap said I owed him for 4 bags of Groworganic and he had it written on his chalkboard. I know I've given him the money but he's getting on a bit so he's probably forgot.  I'm not paying twice, put it that way.  Anyway, I took another bag, paid for it there and then and put it in the boot of my car.

I spent around an hour sorting the shed out today.  I know it doesn't look that tidy, but I like to leave it looking like someone just robbed it, just in case someone gets an idea I keep anything of any value in there, which I don't.

View from shed door

This is my nice clean greenhouse, I cleaned it inside and out the other day with a diluted solution of Armillatox, that a kind chap at my other allotment gave me. The chaps name is Dave, and he's always giving me helpful pointers and even seeds and plants, usually just to get shut of me so he can get some work done lol. 

Strawberries that are going to the other plot.

A Gooseberry I need to move 

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