Sunday, 19 February 2012

The New Greenhouse on the Plot.

We had a go at putting our new freebie greenhouse into its new home today. Yes, I did say freebie! A lady who works in the same building as my wife and knows we have allotments, asked if we wanted a greenhouse for nowt.  The council had told her elderly friend that they would charge him to remove it if he left it in the garden of his flat, as he's moving into a bungalow. It only took half a day to move it from his garden to my allotment which is 0.6 of a mile from his flat. I'd already took the glass out the week before, so all my wife and myself had to do, was lift it out of the ground. We lifted the greenhouse off its base, then with a bit of toing & froing my missus got the base up. We fixed them back together, and walked the frame and the base round to the plot.  We got a few funny looks and someone in a van slowed down and took a photo of us with his phone, lol. I drove the glass round and stored it in the shed.

So the greenhouse has been sat at the bottom of the plot all winter waiting for us to put it back together and we made a start today.

Now its where we want it, level-ish, with a fall to the back where the water butts will go, I'm happy with it.

Plan for the week ahead: I'm going to anchor the frame down with 4 posts with conny boots on,  make the path & beds in the greenhouse and get it ready for the glass going in.

This afternoon I planted my onion sets.  I start mine off in old, what I think were, fruit boxes from the market (please feel free to post a comment if  you know otherwise). 

I line them with paper and cardboard.

Fill with MPC.

And plant onions like so.

 Then I put them in the blow-away under fleece. By the time I've got the onion bed ready (hopefully) these sets will have a lovely little root system going on.

Thank you for taking the time to read this :) feel free to join the group or leave a comment. All the best CS .

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