Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Today's Sowing's

Last weekend was our local Potato Day so we went along to see what was on offer. I was't after much really as I ordered my seed potatoes, onion sets and peas through the Allotment Association in November and my order was delivered the  allotment about a fortnight ago and are chitting away nicely on to of our wardrobes. 

So I thought I'd go along to the Potato Day shop and just pick up a few seed potatoes that I'm thinking of growing next year, I just to try a few first before ordering a bag full next year Unfortunately there wasn't any Yetholm Gypsy or Amorosa but I come away with half a dozen Vanessa (a red first early) and half a dozen Maris Piper (maincropseed potatoes I also picked up a small bag of Red Onion sets as well as
a Bulb Garlic (Solent Wight) which kinda brings my to the point of this 

Today I got one of my blow-a-way plastic greenhouses out of hibernation 
( if you've ever had a plastic greenhouse you know why they get called blow-a-ways). 
I've put a fleece cover on first and its plastic cover over 
that like so
Fixed to the fence with a bungee cord
In the blow-a-way I've sown the garlic bulb. I know I could put them in the ground on the plot but I not sure where I want them yet, so I'm starting them off at home and moving them to the plot when I'm ready for them.  All I've done is fill a couple of modulus I had laying around and two small pots with some MPC watered them and put them in the blow-a-way under some old scraps of fleece I had laying around in the allotment shed.

I'll post a update when they start to show, thanks for reading my ramblings :o)

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  1. Like the tying to the fence. We have to do the same otherwise it's like Judy in the Wizard of Oz!