Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sown this afternoon,Tomatoes & Brassicas.

Too cold to be on the plots today, shame because I wanted to have a look at the compost heap to see if its ready yet. We had the first snow fall of the year yesterday and it carried on for most of the night by the looks of it, this morning we had around 3"/ 4" in total.
So instead of heading up to the allotment for a couple of hours, I decided to sow my Tomatoes and some Brassicas. I'm growing a few different types of Tomatoes this year, as I've said before.

This years selection is as follows Sungold F1 & Grushovka ( a small Plum tomato both courtesy of my GYO friend VVG), Cossack F1 ( I think of it as a salad tomato), Apero F1 (Cherry Tomato), Giulietta F1( Plum Tomato) and my old dependable Alicante (small salad tomato). I also popped in a few Cucumber (Baby F1) seeds, not for me, I don't like cucumber but grow them for my son and mother-in-law.
I think I've sown everything that I will be growing in my greenhouses over this summer, everything else I sow from now on will be grown on my allotments or at home in pots. That said, I did a first sowing of Calabrese (F1 Olympia), I'll do another sowing when I plant these on the allotment. Also sowed this afternoon was an early pointy Cabbage (Hispi F1). I'll sow two more cabbage later in the spring,   ball head type and a Savoy for the autumn.

Sown on 5/02/2012

I looked in on my wormery today too, I've had this wormery up and running for a month now.
Fed worms with a little bread
When I took the lid off the wormery, at first it didn't look like they've been doing much work, but they've eaten there way through their core bedding and a lot of shredded paper. Come the spring this wormery should be running at full tilt (so I'm told) I'll move it to a sheltered part of the back garden when the weather gets better.

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