Friday, 17 February 2012

Signs of Life

First signs of life under my holly bush.

Well I needn't of worried about the frozen leeks seed, looks like nearly all 50 seeds have germinated. These will go inside some kitchen paper rolls as a experiment, I'd like to see if I can blanch them. Worth a go I think, I'll be sowing more leeks at the end of next month.

I've also sowed some sweet peas (Bijou) a small bush type. I was going to sow these a couple of weeks ago but we had snow and freezing temperatures so held off. I soaked the sweet pea seeds overnight in a glass water filled loo rolls with MPC and put one seed in each roll. 

Sweet Peas.

Went to half allotment yesterday, We (my son Luis & myself) lifted the strawberries and put them in pots in the greenhouse, They will be going up to the full plot shortly now I have more room there. I also lifted and moved two gooseberries that I was given by a kind chap on the allotment, I healed them in last November, I wasn't sure where I wanted them but moved them yesterday to behind the greenhouse. I'm going to be putting two water butt at the front of the greenhouse, I just need to move some bricks to the plot for their base for the stands.

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