Thursday, 26 April 2012

Greenhouse & Half Plot Update

Well we're coming to the end of April and its been a very wet month as well as being quite cold for this time of year. Most of the vegetables I have in the ground on my plots seem to be in a state of  suspended animation. Hopefully May will be a little warmer.

I went down to the greenhouse on the half plot today to see how things are ticking over in the greenhouse, as I got there we had another heavy shower of rain and the ground around my plot is turning into a bit of a bog. Everything is hunky dory in the greenhouse and only the leeks needed watering. Here are some photos I took on my phone whilst I was there. 

Swift potatoes planted 25th of Feb. In a couple of weeks we'll try a bag.

Tomato plants have survived thank goodness, I think I lost about 10 in total. 

The first sowing of leeks are coming along nicely, I've done three sowings in all. 

A shot from the path. 

Shot from behind the greenhouse.

Photo taken from shed step.

Onions, shallots and garlic at the back.

Left: Hispi cabbage. Middle: Calabrese. Right  is where the cauliflowers will go when they're hardened off.

I've just set my French climbing beans in modules, I think I'm behind where I was last year, but its been a lot colder this year. Dwarf French beans next and sweetcorn.

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