Thursday, 5 April 2012

Greenhouse potato update

As you may or may not remember we planted 3 bags of potatoes in the greenhouse on 25th Feb. We're having a little competition to see who can grow the heaviest yield.  It has now got to the point where we can't get anymore compost in the bags. We shall just water when it's needed and I'll put them outside when the threat of frost has passed.

From left to right: Mum's,Dad's and #1 Son's
I've been given a clump of welsh onions that I've split into three and planted round the compost bin.

 I've also been given 11 3x2 paving slabs for my allotment that I'm storing behind the shed for the time being. They were very heavy to move but I was kindly helped by one of my neighbours and his big trailer. I must remember to get him a big bar of his favourite chocolate.

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