Thursday, 12 April 2012

Update 12/04/2012

Hopefully over the next few days I will get the rest of my onions and potatoes in the ground. I'm in no rush yet though as the soil is still quite cold here, a week or two will not make much of a difference. Once I have the onions and potatoes in, I can move onto peas that I will sow directly into the ground along with carrots, parsnips, spring and pickling onions and a row of lettuce.
Waiting for better weather in the blow-away are beetroot that I sowed in seed trays last month, I've now pricked them out into modules.

Here are some photo's of the state of play in the greenhouse at my half plot.

Calabrese is hardened off and ready to go in.

Hispi Cabbage is ready too.

Cauliflowers, I sowed these a month after the other brassicas. 

My first sowing of leeks are doing well.

Gooseberries are starting to flower

Spring onions, I'll plant these out before they get too big and go woody. 

Swift first early's motoring along now. 

Thank you for visiting my growing journal  :)

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