Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Planting veggies at last \o/

I'm finally starting to get some veggies in the ground \o/. My son was ill over the Easter holidays and I didn't want to drag him up on the allotment just to sit there and watch me working, so I put the plot on hold for Easter.

Here are some photos I took yesterday whilst working on the allotment in between the showers yesterday.

Behind the glass and plastic is where I sowed my carrots, I hope to keep the carrot fly out by putting a barrier there.

View from the bottom of the plot. Spuds bottom left and bottom right, brassicas the under netting.

The first two rows of peas went in yesterday.

 When I covered the peas I dressed the bed with some garden lime just to sweeten the soil as I manured this bed in the autumn.

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  1. The barrier will not work against the carrot root fly unless you have it totally insect-proof - the idea that they can only fly 18 inches above the ground is just a myth, as many Grapes will tell you ! (Me too. I discovered their eggs lurk in newly cleared ground that has had Cow Parsley, and the larvae attack once hatched.)
    Your plot looks really well organised, I have severe envy and a distinct feeling of having had a boot up the B*****de - ta for the inspiration! :-)