Sunday, 15 April 2012

Half Plot AGM & 15/04 update

Well nothing much to report from this mornings AGM, we have just over two grand in the bank and all the committee officers were voted back into their posts.

I managed to get the rest of  the onions in the ground this morning and the last of the first and second early's in (only 8 seed potatoes). I also put two short rows of main crop spuds in as well. I'm hoping to get the rest of my main crop potatoes in the ground at my full plot this coming week, now that the Easter holidays are coming to an end and #1 son is back in school. Tomorrow is grass cutting night on my small plot allotment, I try and get down to the allotment and help with the mowing and strimming if I can. Talking of strimming, one of the chaps gave me a petrol strimmer yesterday, It's in full working order and just needed a spark plug to get it going which I already had. The strimmer will come in handy on both of my plots as well as around the garden at home :)

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