Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Allotment Update

Over last weekend and the beginning of this week the weather has been nice enough for me to get on my plots with the rotavator. I've been itching to get going but we've just had too much rain here in darkest north Derbyshire.

 Sunday 11th I rotavatored the full plot. 

Just need to give this new half a good raking ready for the potatoes in a week or so. 

This is where I'm going to try and grow my French beans, I say try because although I grow them every year I've never had a very good yield, so its fingers crossed as I'm not growing any runner beans as a safety net either this year.

I also anchored the greenhouse down by bolting posts to the four corners of the greenhouse base and concreted them into the ground.

My plot is quite exposed, so if I don't anchor it down it will probably end up on someone else's  garden, when the wind gets up.  

Monday 12th I rotavatored my small half plot.

Yesterday, Tuesday 13th, I was back on both plots planting my garlic. I put a row on each plot just to see if there's much difference come harvest time. The swift first early potatoes we started off in bags on Feb 25th, have come up, so I need to take some compost down to the greenhouse.  I also dug a path out in the greenhouse on the full plot, no photo's yet as my phone was acting up, I'll have to take the camera up and get some snaps.

Today I've sown some more leeks, this time they are Bluegreen autumn (Porbello) a free trial from DT Brown. I've also sown my Brussels Sprouts today. I'm trying Nelson F1 this year, a nice early sprout. I've also sown the first of my spring onions. Two varieties this year, red spring onions are Toga and the white spring onions are Kaigaro. I was going to sow some onion seeds, I have for pickled onions (silverskins) but I think I'll sow them next week now.

I took a big pallet to pieces and started to build the raised bed for the greenhouse, I'll post a pic when I fit it in the greenhouse, I need to do this before I can glaze it.

Thank you for reading, all the best  :o)


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    1. Thanks VVG, Getting there now although my back was a little stiff the following day.