Monday, 26 March 2012

First of my Spring Updates

I really love this time of year on the allotment, people have turned the soil on there plots and there is the smell of spring in the air.  It's all about sowing seeds and looking after your seedlings for me at the moment, all the hard work I done to the allotment over the autumn and winter months, will start to pay off as the vegetables go in the ground and start to grow.

In the greenhouse, the potato bags have now been fill right up to the top, the leaves have come through the compost 4 times now, so I thought I'd just fill the bag to the top  instead of adding a little every couple of days. The seed potatoes have been in the bags just over four weeks so we look to be on target to get a crop in 12 weeks or less.

I potted on my tomato seedling and moved them into the greenhouse at the weekend, most were getting too big for there pots so they are now nice and snug in the blow-away, inside the greenhouse.

I've started hardening off some of the brassicas, I'll be putting them outside in the mornings (9.30ish) and as long as it stays fine, they'll stop out till tea time (5ish).
My Calabrese.
The cauliflowers are just getting their true leaves and the Brussels sprouts seedlings are ready to be pricked out into there own pots and taken to the greenhouse.

The first of the spring onions are through, I going to sow some more in a few weeks.

The spring onion seedlings. 

I hope to get the other greenhouse glazed this week ready for my peppers and cucumbers, I also want to get the beds ready where I'm going to grow my peas.

Thanks for reading, all the best :)

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