Sunday, 4 March 2012

This Weeks Gardening

Not a lot to report from around the plots this week. I nipped on the half plot on Wednesday, just to make sure I still had a part used bag of cement I'd left in the shed. I thought we had some leftover from when we put the base for greenhouse down and I was right, so that's saved me from buying another bag. I just need to pick up some ballast to mix with the cement to make the concrete to hold the anchor posts on the new greenhouse in place.

This week I started volunteering at a Community Garden. The garden was created on an old derelict field by the locals. It is now a fully operational nursery, growing vegetables and plants for sale. It's run by volunteers and it has become a haven for wildlife, birds, butterflies, hedgehogs, wildfowl and pond life.  It’s situated about 4 miles from my house, so it’s not exactly local for me but its very short handed, underfunded and close to closing down, which would be a shame. I'll post some photos once I've got stuck in. This week I've been sowing seeds, this is something that I'm no stranger too but never on such a big scale.

Sown a few things at home too, set some Beetroot's going  (Alto F1 & Boltardy) and also set some Lettuces (Mizuna, Little Gem, & Iceberg). I may sow some cut and come again lettuce leaves next week in the big blow-away once I've put the cover on it.

Rain here today so swerving the allotment. We picked up some greenhouse staging on or travels this weekend so may build that instead.

Thank you for reading/retuning.

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