Saturday, 17 March 2012

Springs on its way

As I am writing this post, it's only 3 days to the start of spring, 20th of March, so I thought I would post some photos of what's growing in my allotments.

Last week my rhubarb looked like it was going to take an age to get going, its had a mulch of cow muck over the winter season and a good feed with a GrowOrganic so I was hoping for better. So I decided to force it a little.

Here it is a week later. All I did is put my upturned wheelbarrow over it to keep the light out and it's working a treat. One of the chaps on the allotment has given me two of the old plastic type dustbins, we used to have before wheelie bins were the norm.  They are too small to cover the crown, so I may split it at the end of the season.

I had to put some compost over our first early greenhouse potatoes (swift) as they're romping away (planted 25/02).

The garlic I planted out last week looks to be doing OK, only a row on each plot this year. If it does alright, then come autumn I'll even try some over winter onions as well as some hardneck garlic.

The gooseberry bushes that I were given last autumn have come into bud, I've also been offered some raspberry canes, but I'm not sure I'm going to take them yet, as I'm don't know where to put them. 

We're off to the Edible Garden Show at Stoneleigh tomorrow, It's an hour and a half drive for us, but it should be a good day out.

Thanks for reading, all the best :)

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  1. Rhubarb looking good. Cheap terracotta forcers at the EGS! I looked at them. Garlic looks healthy, as do potatoes. I have grown overwintered alliums this year, just fed them and they are putting on good growth. Fingers crossed x