Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The first day of spring.... \o/ Hooray \o/

Spring has sprung at last and I spent the morning at the allotment. I only went up to put some onion sets in the same bed as I put the garlic in last week, but I ended up emptying the compost bin. As is usual for me, I set off to do one job and end up doing two or three lol.

Onion sets ready to plant. 
You can see there is a good root system already. 
This bed now full, I have another box of onion sets ready to go in as well. 
These bins and bags are full of the compost I got out of one dalek compost bin. I shall store the compost in the bins & bags until I'm ready plant my beans. 
Rhubarbs getting a spurt on now. 
It must be spring, we've set the big blow-away up and I'll soon have it full!!

Here's a few photos from Edible Garden Show at Stoneleigh

I didn't buy much apart from a few seeds and a new dibber. The tomatoes seeds are for the community garden that I volunteer at. The garden doesn't get funding from anywhere, so the volunteers buys seeds to grow into plants and sell them on to keep the garden open and pay the bills.

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